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Bin Sulayem Stays Healthy for Ramadan

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  • DMCC’s Ahmed Bin Sulayem stays healthy during Ramadan inspired by the Joe Cross “Joe the Juicer” reboot programme

    Encouraging a healthy lifestyle for Dubai, UAE and the region

    Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman of arguably the world’s leading commodity hubs and the largest free trading zone in the UAE, the DMCC Free Zone, has volunteered to participate in Joe Cross’ 30 Day Guided Reboot challenge which combines a fitness programme with a juice and vegetable based diet.

    Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman, DMCC, said:

    “Health is the world’s most precious commodity and I take pride in leading by example. I am embarking on a rigorous change in lifestyle over the next 30 days and I will be sharing my upcoming diet, exercise and fitness experiences with the Joe Cross Reboot programme via social media throughout the month.

    “Arguably there are two key issues we need to overcome in order to support a healthier society, the first is through education and the second is through transparent and clear labelling on packaging.

    “Studies have shown that we should be eating a minimum of seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day to ensure we benefit from these nutrients. Many of us, however, struggle to achieve this and I am hoping, through efforts of taking a juice and vegetable based diet combined with a strict fitness regime, to prove that it is possible and sustainable to combine a busy work schedule with healthy living.”

    According to Joe Cross, the Australian entrepreneur, author, filmmaker, and wellness advocate, the reboot diet is the perfect way to power up your system using plant-based energy to enable weight loss, get clear skin, increase energy levels and ability to think more clearly. When only juice is consumed, the system is flooded with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that enables the body to stay strong and fight disease.

    Commenting on Bin Sulayem’s efforts, Rob Richards, Regional Fitness Manager Middle East, stated: “I am proud of Ahmed Bin Sulayem’s decision to undertake such a vigorous health and fitness programme. He is extremely enthusiastic in the area of wellness, always wanting to keep his body and mind functioning at optimum levels. You will always find him jogging the track around the Kobe Bryant basketball court in the DMCC Free Zone community or climbing sixty floors in the Almas Tower. His determination to succeed is commendable”.

    Matt Coe, Dubai-based corrective exercise and functional movement specialist, revealed:

    “Eating habits have a direct effect on posture, joint health and the body’s functional movement abilities. Given Ahmed Bin Sulayem’s ongoing issues with posture, we are pleased to see him place healthy eating habits at the top as this will go a long way in helping find the trigger points in his muscles to release them and help them function better.”

    Dr Sean Penny, said: "The media focuses on encouraging the public to exercise but a regime as such is not complete without a well-balanced diet consisting of fruit and vegetables of all colours. Ahmed Bin Sulayem is a strong willed individual and leader and by embarking on this journey, he hopes to encourage other UAE citizens to engage in a healthier lifestyle."

    Bin Sulayem ensured DMCC sponsored Dubai Municipality’s ‘Your Weight in Gold’ 2013 campaign which attracted over 10,000 people who committed to the 30 days health and fitness programme. The reward in addition to improved health and fitness was 2 grams of gold for every person who lost 2 kilos within the month.

    Around this time last year Bin Sulayem held the DMCC Kobe Bryant Health and Fitness Weekend in Support of Diabetes Awareness. From sports to education, it is also the second year running that DMCC and its employees walked the Dubai Cares Race for Education as part of its continuous support for the organisation and its work to provide children with a better education.

    More recently the DMCC Executive Chairman also opened a park for 85,000 people working and living in the DMCC Free Zone which includes running tracks, the Kobe Bryant basketball court, a mini golf course and exercise equipment. It is hoped that these initiatives will spark more interest in exercise and raise increased demand for additional amenities for the benefit of the community.