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توقيع مذكرة تفاهم بين مركز دبي للسلع المتعددة وفريش ووتر النرويج يمكن بموجبها توريد 1 مليار لتر من مياه الشرب الطبيعية إلى دبي سنوياً على مدار الخمسين عاماً القادمة

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  • DMCC and Freshwater Norway will study expanding the water supply chain and enhancing water security in the region
  •   This collaboration will pump up to 1 billion liters of pure drinking water annually, sourced from the purest natural lake water in Norway.
  •    The announcement comes after DMCC announced plans to launch a water hub in response to growing concerns about global water security

DMCC - the world's leading free zone and the Dubai Government's authority for trade in goods and projects - has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Fresh Water Norway to study expanding the water supply chain and enhancing water security in the region .

This collaboration, which puts Freshwater Norway on the ground in the UAE and expands its water supply chain across the region, could lead to a staggering 1 billion liters of pure natural drinking water flowing through Dubai every year over the course of a year. 50 years and is specifically aimed at significantly enhancing water security, as water security is a growing concern worldwide.

The timing of this announcement coincides with DMCC's plans to launch its own water hub - a move driven in part by concerns about global water insecurity and supply volatility. More details are expected to be announced in the coming months.

This MoU is seen as an essential strategic cooperation for both parties. Freshwater Norway will be able to immediately benefit from DMCC's world-class services, global communications and networking across supply chains, and the unmatched ability to drive and catalyze trade flows across the Emirate of Dubai.

DMCC has found Freshwater Norway a key partner through which it can enhance critical water trade flows to the region, facilitate knowledge sharing in a thriving new ecosystem for Dubai's water sector, and connect key markets to provide higher levels of support to its existing members, particularly Those who rely less on water such as DMCC's Tea and Coffee Centers, while the two sides work together to find new ways to conserve and sustainably enhance one of the Earth's most precious resources.

On this occasion, Ahmed Bin Sulayem, CEO and CEO of DMCC, said: “DMCC is proud to partner with Freshwater Norway. Today is a critical time for our planet, and more urgently needs to be done to deal with major environmental and social challenges such as global water insecurity and the high water stress facing countries, as well as the plastic crisis in our oceans. Fresh Water’s ability to promote the supply of 1 billion liters of pure natural drinking water annually, together with the unparalleled infrastructure and trade links provided by DMCC, provides an important opportunity to meet the impending global challenge in the long term.”

He added, “The DMCC’s launch of a dedicated water hub in Dubai will not only put water at the forefront of the scene, but will also attract leading companies in the sector to create a global hub for innovation, sustainable best practices, knowledge and education, while ensuring that it is the world’s most transported commodity. It can reach water-stressed areas.”

Alf Andersen, President of Fresh Water Norway, said: “At Fresh Water Norway, we are ready to export natural Norwegian drinking water to the region in cooperation with DMCC. Whether exported in bulk for emergency water supply and storage, or ready for market consumption in fully recyclable packaging, we are confident that Fresh Water's presence in Dubai and the region will enhance access to pure natural drinking water, and significantly reduce the use of plastic ".

In addition to a billion liters of pure drinking water destined for export annually, Freshwater Norway is also the largest bottling plant in Europe, using the latest sustainable technology.

Fresh Water Norway Ltd. has already obtained the Emirates Quality Mark and the necessary approvals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for sustainable water and packaging.

DMCC continues its efforts to cement Dubai's position as a leading center for global commodity trade. Earlier this year, the DMCC announced that the United Arab Emirates has now become the largest trading center for rough diamonds in the world.

DMCC's Tea Center and Coffee Center also experienced strong growth in the first half of 2022. The tea and coffee industries are increasingly turning to DMCC due to its world-class facilities, which include distinct logistical and processing support throughout the value chain, Without the need for intermediaries to deliver increased value to farmers, producers and consumers alike.

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