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How to Use the DMCC Help Centre Platform

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How to use the DMCC help centre

DMCC is launching a new platform that will serve as a One-Stop-Shop which will host all the information and knowledge that a member company wishes to know. It will offer a number of channels to interact with the members through this soon to be launched platform titled ‘DMCC Help Centre’.

The DMCC Help Centre is a platform that is based on a new customer interaction framework that adopts an online self-service model.  

Access to the DMCC Help Centre Platform

Members will be able to access the DMCC Help Centre platform from their member portal by clicking the ‘DMCC Help Centre’ top tab or from the DMCC website under the ‘Help Centre’ tab on the Homepage.

Search the Knowledge Hub

The DMCC Help Centre will offer a rich Knowledge Hub of topics and sub topics under which members can find all the relevant FAQs, guidelines, videos, policies…etc. in a seamless and user-friendly way.

Members will be able to search the Knowledge Hub for information through the Global Search tab at the top or by searching by topics and sub topics or by searching by knowledge category.

Members can also look at the most viewed knowledge articles at the right hand side of the platform homepage.


Create A Case

If after looking through the topics and sub topics, the member is unable to find what he / she is looking for, they can create a case with ease to place their inquiry.

They can always refer to the submitted inquiries / cases and track them under My Cases.


Submit Suggestions / Complaints / Compliments

Through ‘My Feedback’ tab, members can conveniently submit suggestions, complaints or compliments. They can even escalate a complaint for the first time through a defined mechanism for case escalation in the event where their case resolution was not satisfactory.


View Archived Communication

One of the features that DMCC will be displaying on the DMCC Help Centre is the ‘Member Communication’ section which will allow all members to view the archived important DMCC communications that were released prior to joining DMCC or that they may have missed.

Chat with an Agent via Live Chat

In addition to having Live Chat on the DMCC member portal, the DMCC Help Centre will include the Live Chat facility as well for more convenience and accessibility.


Service Request Status Checker

Members can conveniently track the progress of all their service requests to get instant update on their applications through the ‘Service Request Status Checker’ tool.


Discussion Forum

For the first time, the centre will feature a discussion forum for members to raise all their queries through this new channel and get answers through the DMCC moderator where all members can also participate in that discussion forum.


The DMCC Help Centre with all its features is designed to provide you with instant information at your fingertips and improve your customer experience, allowing you to interact with DMCC through more channels and equipping you with everything you need to know to manage your business.

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