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DMCC ecosystem


Securing global water supplies in an era of increasing volatility

DMCC’s Water Ecosystem is dedicated to addressing the pressing challenges of global water security and supply volatility in an era of increasing uncertainty driven by climate change.

With a mission to expand the water supply chain and strengthen water security in the region, this pioneering ecosystem – spearheaded by the DMCC Water Centre – aims to enhance crucial water trade flows, ensuring that the world's most transported commodity can efficiently reach all areas of the globe, particularly water-distressed areas.


The Water Ecosystem is spearheading innovation, sustainable best practices, knowledge sharing, and education, paving the way for a more water-resilient future.



Of the world’s population, or 6.1bn people, live in water insecure countries



Countries worldwide are classified as critically water-insecure


2.2 billion

People lacked access to safe drinking water worldwide in 2022


2-3 billion

People experience living in urban areas experience water shortages on a regular basis

Sources: UNU, World Bank, UNESCO

Member benefits

DMCC’s Water Ecosystem provides members with a range of exclusive benefits and access to work-class business services. 


Tailored business services 

Access services tailored to support your business needs and growth. 


Turnkey facilities

The DMCC Water Centre provides access to potential partners from within the sector and from across the DMCC community to develop and adopt solutions designed to boost water security.


Commercial space

Private furnished offices, shared office space and fully equipped meeting rooms.


Knowledge-sharing opportunities 

Engage in research initiatives, fostering collaboration between academia and industry designed to improve water security.



Access training and education programmes designed to boost knowledge in the sector and help secure precious water supplies for the future.


Prime location 

Benefit from DMCC Water Centre’s strategic location in the heart of Dubai.


Full DMCC membership benefits

Secure 100% business ownership, enjoy 0% personal income tax, and thrive in a tax-friendly environment. Access robust infrastructure, comprehensive services, and much more for strategic global growth.

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Ecosystem partners

Power China

Danone Nutricia


Radius Global


Jas Global Industries

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Networking and events

Ecosystem members benefit from an extensive range of professional networking opportunities, from dedicated clubs catering to specific industry sectors to exhibitions and industry events.

Built for success

With 24,000+ member companies representing 180+ countries specialising in 900+ business activities, DMCC is the world’s most dynamic business hub and district. Here are some of our success stories.

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