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DMCC ecosystem


Forging the UAE’s reputation as the world’s largest tea re-export market

DMCC serves as a vital platform for innovation within the tea industry, providing members with a full spectrum of services including storage, blending, packaging, and a robust global trading platform.

It also provides an interactive community for networking, fostering growth and establishing the UAE as the world’s largest tea re-export market.

At the heart of the ecosystem lies DMCC’s Tea Centre. Harnessing Dubai’s strategic geographical position, it offers world-class tea storage and processing infrastructure and bridges major tea-producing nations and marketplaces, enhancing the emirate's role as a pivotal global trade gateway. 


With a commanding market presence and dedicated services to optimise supply chains and operational efficiencies, DMCC’s Tea Ecosystem presents an unrivalled opportunity for international tea suppliers and businesses to gain a competitive advantage in this fast-growing sector.

DMCC Tea Centre

The DMCC Tea Centre is a purpose-built facility that provides tea storage, processing, packing, and trading services, alongside networking opportunities for its members. Through the Tea Centre, DMCC has established the UAE as the world’s largest re-exporter of tea with a majority share of the market.


23,731 m²

Total area of temperature-controlled facility


931 m²

Blending and packing space


2,012 m²

Leased office space


8,705 m²

Storage and value-added service space


metric tonnes

Volume of tea handled by facility annually


metric tonnes

Storage capacity for bulk teas at any given time

DMCC Tea Centre facilities

The DMCC Tea Centre offers members access to world-class processing and storage facilities


Limited free storage

21 days’ free storage of bulk teas (up to 3 x 40’ containers).


Automated blending facilities

Applicable for CTC and Orthodox tea.


Tea bag packing

Available for black, green and specialty teas.


Loose tea packing

Available for bag-in-box and stand-up pouches.


Flavoured tea blending and packing

Available for all flavoured tea blends.

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Member benefits

With tea tasting and inhouse expertise our members can avail limited free storage, access to tea blending, tea bag and loose tea packing facilities, along with networking opportunities. 

Turnkey facilities

The DMCC Tea Centre is an all-inclusive facility that enables you to easily trade tea, store your goods in state-of-the-art warehouses as well as meet suppliers, manufacturers and industry peers.


Unique market insights

Working with Dubai Customs, we provide members access to the latest trade data and analysis, offering them unique market insights that enable them to stay ahead of the curb.

The UAE is the world's largest re-exporter of tea with a major share of the global market, delivering substantial advantages to our members.


Unbeatable free zone benefits

Operating from Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) but with a DMCC licence, DMCC Tea Centre members benefit from 100% business ownership, 0% personal income tax, business-friendly tax environment and zero restrictions on capital repatriation.


Tea packing facilities

Our temperature-controlled tea bag packaging facility can pack both envelopes and service types. Our loose tea facility packs 50g-1kg of crushed, torn and curled teas, as well as orthodox or leaf tea varieties.


Blending services

Our two-tonne drum system can blend both CTC and orthodox or leaf teas. We offer in-house tea tasting and blending expertise, ensuring that our members can develop the best product for their customers.


World-class storage facilities

We provide a free allocation of storage to all our members and we also offer companies the option to lease space within purpose-built premises.

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Home to more than 24,000 companies, from innovative start-ups to global powerhouses, DMCC stands as the world’s premier business hub. Every month, more than 250 visionary businesses join the community, benefitting from an unrivalled suite of world-class support services and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Join DMCC today and create your future in step with Dubai’s unique spirit of enterprise and innovation.

Industry news

Networking & events

Ecosystem members benefit from an extensive range of professional networking opportunities, from dedicated clubs catering to specific industry sectors to exhibitions and industry events.

Ecosystem knowledge bank

Information guides and essential documents relating to the Ecosystem.

Built for success

With 24,000+ member companies representing 180+ countries specialising in 900+ business activities, DMCC is the world’s most dynamic business hub and district. Here are some of our success stories.

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