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DMCC ecosystem


Driving technological innovation in the digital age

Welcome to the DMCC, a vibrant community that provides tech start-ups and entrepreneurs access to state-of-the-art infrastructure, including access to the region’s leading tech accelerators and incubators.

Our tech ecosystems cater to the industry’s fastest-growing vertical sectors, from E-Commerce and Crypto and Blockchain, to Gaming and Artificial Intelligence. Each ecosystem provides its members with access to cutting-edge services and support, while laying a platform that spurs innovation and collaboration between members of the broader DMCC community.


For us, DMCC is known for making things happen, and this is what we`re all about. The reason why we are in DMCC is that conversations became actions. We are partners in getting things done.

Louis Lebbos, Co-founder, Astrolabs


$178 billion

Forecast IT expenditure in the MENA region in 2023, up 3.1% year on year


$38.1 billion

Forecast value of MENA IT and business services market by 2027 (5.9% CAGR from 2022)



Forecast increase in UAE tech sector investments to 2025


$3.25 trillion

Global IT expenditure in 2023

Sources: Gartner, IDC, edge

DMCC’s Technology Ecosystems

Member benefits

As a member company in DMCC, you will gain access to a range of exclusive benefits designed to drive your business forward. 


Flexible licensing solutions

A full suite of specialised licences ranging from gaming and tech development to crypto, blockchain and assorted consultancy services.


Commercial space

Private furnished offices, shared office space and fully equipped meeting rooms.


Funding opportunities

Access to capital and support from global investors.


Highly skilled talent pool

The best local and international industry talent.


Residency visas

Members qualify for one- or two-year UAE residency visas that can be renewed as required.


Collaborate and innovate

Explore opportunities to collaborate and innovate with other ecosystem members, fostering collective growth.


DMCC Knowledge Series

Exclusive access to webinars, workshops and seminars designed exclusively for DMCC member companies.


AstroLabs Academy

Access to AstroLabs Academy programmes covering a range of digital disciplines including analytics, big data, adwords, UX/UI design, digital marketing and programming.


Full DMCC membership benefits

Secure 100% business ownership, enjoy 0% personal income tax, and thrive in a tax-friendly environment. Access robust infrastructure, comprehensive services, and much more for strategic global growth.

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AstroLabs Dubai

Ecosystem members gain access to leading regional accelerator AstroLabs Dubai and its world-class 6,500 sq ft tech centre. Conveniently located five minutes from Dubai Marina Metro and accessible 24/7, the centre boasts advanced co-working spaces, coding facilities for programmers, a mobile device development lab and training room to host AstroLabs Academy workshops in analytics, big data, adwords, digital marketing, UX/UI design and start-up development.

Join DMCC today

Home to more than 24,000 companies, from innovative start-ups to global powerhouses, DMCC stands as the world’s premier business hub. Every month, more than 250 visionary businesses join the community, benefitting from an unrivalled suite of world-class support services and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Join DMCC today and create your future in step with Dubai’s unique spirit of enterprise and innovation.

Industry news

Networking & events

Ecosystem members benefit from an extensive range of professional networking opportunities, from dedicated clubs catering to specific industry sectors to exhibitions and industry events.

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Built for success

With 24,000+ member companies representing 180+ countries specialising in 900+ business activities, DMCC is the world’s most dynamic business hub and district. Here are some of our success stories.

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