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Consultant Rewards Programme

DMCC is excited to announce the Consultant Incentives Programme to recognise and reward for your continued support of DMCC.

How it works:

Flexi Desk: - DMCC shall pay to the Consultant a referral fee of AED 2000 for each Referral of a Flexi Desk (the Flexi Fee).
Physical Office: - DMCC shall pay to the Consultant AED 3000 for each Referral of a physical office Company (the Physical Office Fee).
Key Account: - DMCC shall pay to the Consultant AED 5000 for each Referral of a Key Accounts Company (the Key Accounts Fee).
If the CSP meets the target of 5 registered companies within a calendar year they will be paid the incentive; however if the CSP refers a Key Account they will be paid even if they did not complete the target of 5 registered companies.



Example reward:



To enrol in this programme, a Service Agreement is to be signed between DMCC and the CSP. The Service Agreement will also help in managing the relationship better by setting KPIs, IP rights, and both parties’ obligations.

If you are interested in registering your company for the DMCC Consultant Incentive Programme please send these requirements to Partners@dmcc.ae and one of our representatives will get in contact with you to arrange a suitable date and time to sign the agreement.

Consultant Qualifications

  • Valid trade license
  • Engaged in the provision of business set up, legal, management, audit, accounting or related services
  • Qualified and experienced staff
  • Is in good financial and legal standing

Requirements from Consultant

  • Trade License copy
  • Company details
  • Number of offices locally and globally
  • Country of origin and countries present at
  • Number of employees
  • Full details of two contact persons within the company

Consultant Responsibility

  • Provide referrals to DMCC
  • Promote DMCC to their clients
  • Explain DMCC company formation process to clients, and advise them as to the most suitable DMCC registration type, license, business activity and package for their business plan related to business set-up
  • Assist clients in completing application forms for the registration and licensing of new setups
  • Invite DMCC where appropriate to events, trade missions and conferences organized


  • It shall procure and maintain all necessary resources, facilities, personnel training and equipment in order to perform the Services and to discharge any other obligations of the Consultant under this Agreement;
  • And to discharge any other obligations of the Consultant under this Agreement;
  • Has, or will be able to obtain, all permits and licenses necessary to perform its obligations under this Agreement;
  • Acknowledges and agrees that no warranty is given by DMCC or any third party that any information made available to the Consultant is correct, complete, relevant, accurate or fit for purpose.
  • It does not do anything which may directly or indirectly impair, or cause loss or damage to, DMCC’s business or reputation