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Base metals

Firm foundations

Strengthening the foundations of a fast-growing market

From galvanising to electrical wiring, DMCC plays a key role in supporting growing global demand for base metals. Worldwide, the market is valued at around US$170bn a year. With our strategic location, innovative infrastructure and world-class bulk transport facilities, we are strongly positioned to support regional consumption and provide a bridge between the core supply markets of sub-Saharan Africa, Australia and the Black Sea and the buoyant consumer economies of India and China. Ongoing regional development in refining and construction also continues to drive growth. At the same time, the region is fast emerging as a global centre for aluminium production, accounting for some two-thirds of all aluminium production investment.

Fluid financing

Established in 2012, DMCC Tradeflow gives you the flexibility and innovative trade finance options to safeguard the value of your stored stock. It provides you with everything you need to certify commodities for collateralisation and turn your underutilised resources into assets. We also enable you to transfer the ownership of assets to another party without physical movement of the goods.

Aluminium powerhouse

Fast rising up the global production ranks, Dubai Aluminium and Emirates Aluminium produce about 1.75 million tonnes of aluminium annually, with growth fuelled by demand from the regional construction sector. With world-class bulk transport ports plus high levels of supply and demand, you are assured of a stable trading market with high volumes and boundless opportunities.

Copper futures

Since April 2012, copper has been successfully traded on the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX) via the Copper Futures contract. As the world’s third most widely used metal, particularly in electrical applications, copper is listed on a number of major international exchanges. For more information, visit www.dgcx.ae

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