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What is the DGAG?

The Dubai Gold Advisory Group (DGAG) is a group of precious metals industry experts tasked with providing advice to DMCC on setting trade standards and leveraging growth opportunities in Dubai’s bullion and jewellery markets. It was launched on 8 December 2003 and is chaired by the DMCC’s Commodity Services Department.

The Group's Objectives are to:

  • Provide insights, advice and expertise to help achieve the mission of the DGAG
  • Build relationships with relevant local, regional and international industry participants, as well as relevant government bodies, regulatory bodies and trade associations for the development of standards and trading regulations for Dubai’s precious metals industry
  • Facilitate communications and raise awareness of all relevant precious metals related issues with the industry globally



Structure of the DGAG

The Dubai Gold Advisory Group includes the following committees


Identify and advise DMCC on strategic aspects affecting development of Dubai's precious metals sector.


Address regulatory opportunities for Dubai's gold market by developing best practices in the trade of physical gold and review global changes from various juristictions.

Public Affairs

Contribute ideas, insights and advice on all areas pertaining to raising awareness of Dubai as a global bullion and jewellery hub.


Explore issues impacting the effectiveness of Dubai as a precious metals hub, with regards to secure logistics, customs clearance procedures, assaying and refining.


Review issues impacting the effectiveness of Dubai as a global precious metals hub, and offer innovative solutions in precious metals trading practices.