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Member Companies Ideas Platform

At DMCC, we believe that large numbers of small ideas allow an organisation to reach levels of service that are otherwise unachievable. Without them, it is impossible to attain excellence. With that in mind, we have proudly introduced the ‘Ideas’ platform on the member company portal.
We believe that listening to our members’ feedback and suggestions is key to business success. And here are some simple steps to start posting ideas…

1 - Idea Themes

This platform encourages all member companies, to come up with out-of-the-box ideas on specific topics called ‘Idea Themes’. We encourage you to submit your ideas and suggestions as per the announced theme. Let us know how we can serve you better in relation to the specific idea theme. Some of our best improvements have come straight from our members’ feedback.

2 - Post Ideas

Access the ‘Ideas’ tab on the DMCC member portal to submit your ideas in very easy steps and help us serve you better. You can also see if other members have posted a similar idea to either complement it or post another idea. You also has the facility to attach anything that can support your idea.

The platform is not designed to submit complaints or follow up on an application, which can be done through DMCC standard communication channels.


3 - Vote for Ideas

Companies can also actively participate by voting for other companies good ideas by viewing them through the ‘Ideas’ tab. 

4 - Idea Selection

Upon closure of each idea theme, DMCC will review the ideas and plan for the implementation based on their relevance, impact, complexity and votes received by the other companies on your idea.

5 - Rewards 

With every shortlisted idea, your company will be rewarded with a discount off its licence renewal. Your company will also be recognised on DMCC’s social media. Remember that ideas must be aligned with the announced theme.


To learn more about the Ideas platform and how you can post ideas or vote for other companies’ ideas, please refer to the Idea FAQs and the System Guide.