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The trends shaping the Future of Trade

The Future of Trade

DMCC, the world leader in global trade, gathered more than 150 experts across five continents for ten months to ask: What is The Future of Trade?

The synthesis of our exhaustive research and in-depth data analysis is presented in an exclusive report “The Future of Trade”, which was unveiled simultaneously at Google Campus London and Google AstroLabs in Dubai on March 17, 2016.

An expert panel chaired by Ian King of Sky News included Gautam Sashittal, Chief Executive Officer of DMCC, Baroness Wheatcroft, Non Executive Director of Fiat Chrysler and former editor of The Wall Street Journal Europe and Simon Williams, Chief Economist Middle East, Africa and Europe at HSBC.

Our experts examined how the digitisation of trade around the world will unlock future opportunity and change the global flow of goods, talent and finance while considering the impact on supply chain efficiency and international regulation.

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Explore the trends

Events in London, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Mumbai and Dubai brought together over 130 informed individuals. Insights gained from these discussions are covered in the following six key areas:


The Impact of Digital

Never before has the impact of digital on Global Trade been analysed in such depth.
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Shifting Power and Influence

See how economic power is changing, from a contextual global view.
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Funding for Trade

There’s a growing concern over the lack of capital available from the world’s banks to support more trade.
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Securing Talent

As global nomads take to the fore, questions are raised on how and where talent will align with the emerging trade infrastructure.
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Standards Driving Trade

Changes in global and local regulation are having an impact in different parts of the world.
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System Efficiency

We share views on how the overall effectiveness of global trade and distribution will improve over the next decade.
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