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The Kimberley Process

Eradicating conflict diamonds

Uniting nations globally

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) is a joint government, industry and civil society initiative to stem the flow of conflict diamonds.

The United Arab Emirates, in its efforts to streamline its trade with global standards and to protect the legitimate diamond industry, became a Kimberley Process member in 2002. KPCS was implemented in the UAE in 2003 by the Ministry of Economy, making the UAE the first Arab country to introduce this process, and the DMCC Authority the only entry and exit point for rough diamonds in the country.

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DMCC maintains a strict requirement regarding the provision of mandatory documentation required from each member of our rough diamond trading community. All traders must submit their valid trade license copy, their import and export trade activity report and their local trade activity report dating from the first to last day of each calendar year. We also request an authorisation letter confirming the name of their staff representative to clear the rough diamond shipment, the representative’s passport copy, an authorisation letter towards the Clearing Agent and acknowledgement of UAE KP Office policies and procedures.


Policies and procedures

Under the Kimberley Process Scheme, rough diamond shipments can only be exported and imported between participant member countries of the Kimberley Process. No uncertified shipments of rough diamonds will be permitted to enter or leave a participant’s country. The Kimberley process scheme acts as a ring that fences conflict diamonds and as such ensures they are unable to enter the legitimate diamonds supply chain and therefore, cannot be used to fund wars against legitimate governments. In other words, to identify the origin of the diamonds and not to let conflict diamonds enter the legitimate diamond market.


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