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Streamlining access to trade finance

DMCC Tradeflow is a dynamic platform that is transforming regional trade. Serving as a platform for the registration of possession and ownership of commodities stored in UAE-based facilities,DMCC Tradeflow caters to diverse financing needs for commodities, with a focus on a special financing programme for jewellery, precious stones, and precious metals, as well as Islamic financing through commodity Murabaha and Salam instruments.


DMCC Tradeflow is deeply rooted in strategic partnerships and the creation of trade-enabling ecosystems. This collaborative ethos has extended to the realm of digital assets, with the platform supporting tokenised products including crypto to enhance trading security.

These advancements, responsive to the needs of emerging markets like GCC, India and China, underline DMCC’s commitment to streamlining access to trade finance.



Islamic Finance transactions registered in 2023


AED 1.91 trillion

Record value of Islamic Finance transactions registered in 2023



Of Gold handled by Tradeflow in 2023


11.89 million

Carats of diamonds handled by Tradeflow in 2023

DMCC Tradeflow products

DMCC Tradeflow provides a secure and transparent central registry of ownership for commodities stored in Dubai, where titles of stored commodities can be transferred or pledged within a robust legal and Sharia compliant framework.

Inventory financing

DMCC Tradeflow presents a comprehensive solution for inventory financing, incorporating state-of-the-art processes and technology to support the commodity trade sector. This approach is designed to enhance risk management across the entire commodity value chain, offering standardised legal conditions tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries.

The platform is recognised for setting benchmarks in secured lending, especially in how stored commodities, ranging from precious stones and jewellery to tea and coffee, can be effectively pledged for bank financing. This robust infrastructure ensures a reliable and efficient system for securing loans against commodities.

For diamond and precious stone traders, Tradeflow offers a collateralised financing programme that allows them to always maintain possession of rough diamonds while receiving financing. Additionally, jewellers can utilise advanced RFID tagging technology, supported by Tradeflow warrants, to secure financing against their retail inventory.


Islamic finance

DMCC is at the forefront of advancing the Islamic finance industry globally through its commitment to innovative, Sharia-compliant finance solutions. The DMCC Tradeflow platform is central to this effort; it is tailored to cater exclusively to cater to Islamic financial institutions, offering them an efficient 24/7 Commodity Murabaha transaction facility. Members can engage in the buying and selling of a range of Sharia-compliant commodities, encompassing metals and food stuff. . The platform is recognised for its compliance, having been endorsed by authoritative bodies and awarded for its excellence in Islamic finance.

Another cornerstone product is Salam, a Shariah-compliant financing mechanism for advanced payment for future goods delivery. This solution is ideal for buyers seeking specific commodities with upfront payment, ensuring compliance with Islamic principles.

Underpinning these services is DMCC’s Internal Shari'a Supervisory Committee, currently comprised of esteemed scholars:

· Dr Jassim Alshamsi

· Sheikh Dr Mohammad Al Olama.

Their expertise ensures strict adherence to Shari’a principles across all DMCC financial products and services. This committee's role is crucial in maintaining the integrity and compliance of DMCC's Islamic financial offerings.


DMCC Tradeflow benefits


Register your ownership of commodities stored in UAE facilities.


Gain access to financing options.


Sharia-compliant solutions.


Pledge your inventory without relinquishing possession.


Benefit from DMCC's collaboration with the global commodities industry.

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Warehouse Inspection and Ratings Programme

DMCC’s Warehouse Inspection and Ratings Programme sets the standard for warehouse certification, to provide an authoritative " -star" rating system. The initiative is strategically designed to quantify and improve warehouse operations, aligning them with DMCC’s rigorous criteria for quality and safety.

The programme serves as a strategic tool for warehouses, steering them towards operational excellence and compliance with the highest industry standards. For financial institutions, the transparent ratings ensure a reliable measure of warehouse quality, offering a robust level of assurance in their operational integrity. For traders, working within a DMCC-rated facility raises their standing with financiers, potentially boosting their ability to secure necessary working capital.


Our list of recommended warehouses, vaults, collateral managers and quality inspectors is below:

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Become a member

DMCC Tradeflow offers six types of membership



Commodity traders and asset owners who have assets stored in warehouses or vaults in the UAE.


Storage operator

Warehouse keepers, vault operators or collateral managers who are responsible for the storage of the assets and issuance of the Tradeflow Warrants.



Banks or finance houses that wish to book a security interest over the stored assets that they are financing.


Islamic financier

Banks or finance houses that wish to offer products that conform to the Shariah Law such as Commodity Murabaha and Salam. 


Quality inspector

Independent inspectors that can act on behalf of owners or financiers to ensure the quality of stored assets meet required standards. 


Additional service provider

Any other service provider/participant other than listed above. 

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