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Success stories

Learn from our members how DMCC has helped their businesses grow

When you join DMCC, you become part of a prestigious, rapidly expanding business community that is reshaping the future of trade. In this vibrant and thriving district, our 24,000 member companies find unique opportunities for growth, innovation, and success.

Here, members from diverse, future-focused industries provide insights into how DMCC has proven instrumental to the success of their businesses.



Restaurants & Food Delivery
We worked together hand in hand. DMCC was instrumental in paving the road for us.
Yousef Albarqawi, Regional Manager, Deliveroo
Sports Provider
Ideas will always remain ideas unless you have the right partners behind you.
Ravi Bhusari, Co-Founder and Managing Director, DUPLAYS
Precious Metals
The entire diamond community is in one building which helps everyone to trade better, to be faster and to know a better pulse of the market.
Vishal Mehta, Managing Director, Rosy Blue
I really do think that DMCC is the place to be.
Lorenzo Milani, CEO, Electrolux
Crypto and Blockchain
It's a Free Zone that actually helps you grow. It cares about its members, it cares about our prosperity, it cares about the community.
Mohammad AlHammadi, Director, Connect Blockchain DMCC
We set up our business 7 years ago, and since than we have been growing at an average of around 30% year on year. DMCC has helped us to achieve this.
Fred Dunford, Managing Director, Orion Systems
Consultancy Services
DMCC is the #1 Free Zone and we recommend it. I am always going to recommend it because my clients also want DMCC.
Mago JB Singh, Founder and Group Managing Partner, Baker Tilly
Consultancy Services
The setup here in DMCC is great for all of that because we can look after all our people. We can put our clients front and centre because there is integration across those services and then making sure we can do good work that we are proud to go to market with.
Omar Qirem, CEO, Edelman Middle East
China-Based Business
We plan to make DMCC our Middle East Headquarters.
Shi Hongming, Marketing Engineer, SEPCO
Precious Metals
DMCC was chosen for three main reasons: the location, the flexibility & level of service that was offered, and the proximity to our employees. We are importing a lot of goods and being at DMCC is a blessing. The flexibility has an impact directly on sales.
Kolia Neveux, Managing Director - Middle East & Africa, Bvlgari
Consultancy Services
When we were completing our management buyout and were looking for a new home, DMCC came out very favourably. We needed something that was quick, efficient and cost-effective. DMCC has a mature and robust registration system.
Nicholas Lunt, Managing Partner, Instinctif Partners
Food and Agro
DMCC has been a very supportive factor in the growth of the organisation from the very beginning.DMCC offers a diversified platform for trade, co-operation & communication as well as infrastructure for doing business and a can-do attitude.
Sudhakar Tomar, Managing Director, Hakan Agro DMCC
For us, DMCC is known for making things happen, and this is what we're all about. The reason why we are in DMCC is that conversations became actions. We are partners in getting things done.
Louis Lebbos, Co-founder, Astrolabs
Precious Metals
I think DMCC have a perfect team of people who were looking at commodities, gemstone-related ideas, what kind of pipeline challenges and so on. I think that was the real key differentiating factor of what DMCC has over other free zones. Talking to people in DMCC, they knew the details of our industry, which is pretty unique.
Amit Dhamani, Managing Director, Dhamani
Trade Organisation
Dubai really is the regional business hub, so DMCC was the natural fit when we started to look at new homes.
Cara Nazari, Managing Director, AmCham Dubai
We wouldn`t be in the place that we are without robust infrastructure and system around. DMCC provided a co-working place that was perfect for us.
Richard Fitzgerald, Managing Director and Founder, Augustus
We opened our headquarters in DMCC. If I have any problem or any question, the team has been very helpful. The partnership with DMCC is enabling us to grow and expand globally.
Paria Ghorashi, Founder, Blowout & Go
Shipping and Logistics
DMCC is unique because of the well-established and mixed commercial and residential community. It also has lots of shipping and commodities companies, and makes sense for us to be closer to our clients.
Esam Ahmed Balla, Managing Director, Clarksons
China-Based Business
We chose DMCC for three major factors - operational efficiency, central location with easy access to JAFZA, and the various facilities in JLT. DMCC is not a typical Free Zone, they are trying to explore more opportunities with the Chinese companies.
Vincent, General Manager, HIKVision Middle East and North Africa
Food and Agro
We have been associated with the tea industry for more than three and a half decades. Without DMCC, it would not have been possible to develop our business. DMCC created a unique infrastructure that gives them an edge over other free zones in the country.
Pankaj Varma, Managing Director, Inter Tradelink DMCC
We are happy with the value-added services we receive in terms of customer service and response time. We believe our long-standing relationship since 2009 has been a collaborative effort.
Ghazi Abu Al-Saad, Managing Director, Mercuria Energy Trading Middle East
Food and Agro
DMCC provided us a platform where more than 10,000 agri companies were also present and offers a fantastic ecosystem in which we can operate.
Ravi Pokhriyal, President and Regional Head, West Africa and Mena Region, Olam International
China-Based Business
DMCC is one of the best free zones in Dubai. The convenience of various DMCC facilities and services, for example visa applications, give us very efficient services.
Hong Li, Deputy General Manager of Marketing, Middle East & North Africa, Power China
Consultancy Services
DMCC is very business focussed and pro-business. I wanted to start my own company, and in just 10 days I had my trade license in my hand.
Gerhard Schubert, Founder, Schubert Commodities Consultancy DMCC
We were looking for a place where we can get various TATA companies to come together and work from one location. DMCC has a great advantage with its location because it connects Old Dubai and New Dubai.
Sunil Sinha, Resident Director, TATA Sons
Commodity Trading
We could have set up INTL in either the financial free zone or the commodities free zone, and I chose the latter, I chose DMCC. From beginning to end to get my trade license, it took 48 hours.
Jeff Rhodes, CEO, ZEE GOLD
Law Firm
DMCC has a very large portfolio of office space to choose from. DMCC also had one of the broadest value-sets in terms of trade licensing activities.
Ludmilla Yamalova, Managing Partner, Yamalova and Plewka
China-Based Business
DMCC regularly holds professional forums and industry meetings, helping us achieve the US$100 million trade volume goal for 2018.
Wu Yangping, General Manager, Burjae Energy
China-Based Business
The most critical factors for us choosing DMCC are tax fee and 100% foreign ownership.
Wu Xi, Dubai Representative, Hisense
China-Based Business
DMCC's strong Chinese culture atmosphere plays a key role in attracting Chinese companies for us.
Justin Li, CEO, Yingtian Global
China-Based Business
Since 2019, we have trusted DMCC as our market coverage has increased by more than 80% and our sales have doubled.
We have had a fantastic relationship with DMCC. It is a one-stop-shop for registration and licensing. We built this clinic in less than 14 months.
DMCC is a nice organization and everything is very easy for us. We can connect to all our partners located in the UAE.
Crypto and Blockchain
We see DMCC as the number one option for ourselves in terms of growth and the benefits that we have received.
Food and Agro
DMCC has been extremely helpful with all our queries - government, business relations and more. We find the Member Portal extremely useful.
Sports Provider
- From the moment we decided to set up in DMCC, they made it very easy. Operations can be very difficult - we found it very easy in DMCC.
Sports Provider
Our relationship with DMCC goes back over 10 years. We call the Free Zone home. Being in the leading Free Zone removes a lot of friction from small businesses needing to set up here and not knowing how to navigate to the different things that you have to.
Our experience with DMCC has been outstanding and our five years have been remarkable in terms of growth and brand exposure.
Precious Metals
The advantage of being in DMCC is that it, offers you a massive community. They treat everyone like a family, so it was just an easy step to create our vault here.
Vikram Jethwani, Founder, 818 vault
Consultancy Services
DMCC is a great place to work and live in. Life and work balance here in DMCC is one of the great advantages. Not often you can work and live in the same place without compromising on quality.
Viktor Kosnikov, Founder, Autograph Business Consulting DMCC
Food and Agro
I have seen DMCC step up in the past year when it comes to customer service and making it easy for companies like ours to operate. We believe that the entrepreneurial mindset, as well as the trade and distribution model, fits our organisation very well.
Niels Groen, Managing Director, B&S World Supply DMCC
Crypto and Blockchain
DMCC is making stride in terms of bringing the right people on board to deliver what`s necessary for founders of today and giving people the flexibility to run their Crypto companies here in Dubai.
Joel Alexander, Co-Founder and CEO, Crowdpad
Property Developer
DMCC - like Dubai - allows us to focus on our business and they help us with a lot of things that the government requires. And it is much easier to work in this free zone as compared to others.
Vikram Shroff, Director, Regal Group
DMCC has been smooth from the beginning till the end. From setting up our company, the user-friendly portal, to applying for an Employment Visa for the staff here.
Siham Abubaker, Shareholder, Sadut DMCC
Shipping and Logistics
If you want to set up a business in Dubai, there are a lot of advantages in doing that with DMCC. They support you at every step. Another thing is the jurisdiction and the location, it`s a free zone with free trade so it`s not really gated.
Wadih Haddad, Founder and CEO, The Box
Shipping and Logistics
Dubai is where we should conduct our business. DMCC is the place where we should expand and grow our business.
Anish Garg, Chief Operating Officer, Trukker
I'm not the biggest fan of all the paperwork. I am more focused on building the business. DMCC did a good job of enabling me to build the business, rather than running around for paperwork.
Klaus Kajetski, Founder and CEO, YaLLa Esports
Crypto and Blockchain
We are so happy that we set up in the DMCC Crypto Centre because there's so much support within the network, within such a huge eco-system, access to investors, access to market makers. Everyone is so excited that we`re partnering with DMCC.
Karim Banna, Web3 Program Manager, Brinc
Consultancy Services
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with DMCC because of its excellent customer service and the ease of doing business. They have a very user friendly portal and solution based approach to makes client`s lives easier.
Keren Jadhav, CEO and Managing Director, My Business Consulting DMCC
The Coffee Centre structure and its production unit provide us with unparalleled quality for our coffee. Here in Dubai, besides being close to the major consumer markets, you have a shelf life of 24 months for the products. This is one of the greatest advantages. 
Colin James Francis, CEO & Founder, BR Food Industries
Consultancy Services
Dubai offers excellent connectivity in terms of airlines and direct flights, as well as ease of doing business. Setting up our business with DMCC was a choice based on the security and services that DMCC provides for start-ups within its free zone.
Alessandro Tedesco, COO, FEBC International
Crypto and Blockchain
There are quite a few valuable advantages for us at DMCC beacuase DMCC helps us with a lot of policies already being in place with regards to Metaverse, Web3 and Crypto.
Bilal Khan, Co-Founder & CTO, Exarta
Crypto and Blockchain
Dubai has become a global hub for cryptocurrencies which has given us the opportunity to meet, network and meet with influencial people in this industry. In addition to that, the government of Dubai is very supportive. 
Nilesh Khaitan, CEO, Acme
Events & Marketing
DMCC has streamlined the entire process, and as we move forward, things only get smoother and more convenient. 
Mario Costalas, Founder & Managing Director, Gaia Events
Crypto and Blockchain
DMCC offers a very important accreditation for those establishing an innovative business. 
Hugo Cesar Hoeschl, Co Founder & Chief Scientist, Quanticatech
Consultancy Services
DMCC is an authority that supports us in every aspect and stands by our side, protecting and nurturing us like a partner. This gives us great confidence and encourages us. 
Tarik Tamimi, Co-founder & CEO, Tamimi Consulting
Consultancy Services
The high demand for office spaces in DMCC has continuously fueled the growth of our company. 
Miriam Lakebrink, Managing Director, GABC
Precious Stones
I strongly recommend that people in the diamond business come to Dubai, specifically DMCC.
Adi Zamir, CEO, Adi Zamir Diamonds
Consultancy Services

We have a strong relationship with DMCC spanning multiple years. Our experience confirms that DMCC is one of the best free zones in Dubai.

Patricio Poplavksy, Director & Global Coordinator, Poplavksy International Offices
Crypto and Blockchain
The team here in the Crypto Centre is extremely knowledgable when it comes to the entire Web3 and Crypto Ecosystem. 
Benjelloun Oussama, Founder & CEO, Orbofi
DMCC has gone above and beyond to support us. The point of contact at DMCC has always valued our time and prioritised our interests.
Sreeraj T Rahan, COO, Elevate Gaming
Precious Stones
We are very satisfied with the services provided by DMCC and believe it remains the best option for establishing a company in the precious metals sector. 
Robert Wan, General Manager, Robert Wan
Consultancy Services

DMCC's advantages include consistent support and their highly dedicated employees who always focus on the customer. They can provid world-class business services for companies. 

Hongxiang Qi, Managing Director, Sangsbeel Group
China-Based Business
Compared to other free zones and economic departments; DMCC’s business licensing is faster and more efficient. Basically, we only need to use one system to complete all the business requirements of our company.
Mark Ma, General Manager, HD Property Management
Food and Agro
We selected DMCC for its central location, plesant community and most importantly, the warm welcome and opportunities they offered.
Giuseppe Esposite, Chairman, EP World
Consultancy Services
DMCC, in my opinion, is an innovative free zone, that follows trends and helps business grow by implementing modern tool. 
Vitaliy Chiryassov, CEO, Uppercase
Crypto and Blockchain
Dubai is becoming the hub for tech in general, not just web3 tech and not just gaming, but in general Dubai is growing massively.
Domenik Maier, Founder & CEO, iBLOXX Studios
Consultancy Services
The most important advantages in business is speed and DMCC are fast from opening a company to asking for request.
Joe Robert Moufarrej, Founder & CEO, Happy Tenant
Sports Provider
The global partnership with DMCC is to take leverage from the international network. 
Clarence Seedorf, Founder, SK Sports Holding

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